Linggo, Abril 27, 2014


HI GUYS. I moved to WordPress!


I am no longer updating here. 

See you on my new and permanent site! 

Miyerkules, Abril 23, 2014

Random Things

Hi. 2:24AM and not in mood to sleep. I'm trying to change my body clock so I can do more things throughout the day but this time,  I remember my blog site and I can't resist to not update here. Hehe. Sorry Guys for not updating any worthy posts because I keep forgetting it throughout the day and keep remembering it before I sleep *sigh*

First things First.

I'm now reviewing/scanning my notes in TTMIK. I need to refresh my brain. I don't know but I have this feeling that I need to memorize (master? know it all? I don't know the right word xD) what I wrote down. (It's weird, I know) but I'm familiar to it but using it like for conversation or to write a diary... I keep forgetting it. I still need to stick it to my brain (damn you short-term memory). I'm on Level 8 now but I think I only know (know means I can use it properly) about 5 lessons per level. NO, I am not proud being in Level 8. I still think I should study the previous levels again until I perfect them. YEAH I know. A WASTE OF TIME. I should have learn new grammar if I'm going to review them.. Anyways, I'm not in the mood to study new grammar this week but I'm planning to continue it next week.

I'm thinking of moving to WordPress. I'll update you after I moved my posts there(hoping it's not too hard or require some bucks to move my posts to my new site.)

See you in my next posts~^^

Sabado, Abril 19, 2014


Hours away from TOPIK EXAM and I'm a bit nervous. I didn't study at all. I want to blame our 3day vacation  but its too wonderful to blame it. HAHA. Anyways, finally back home. After 12 hours on the road. We went home early as I expected. Back to the topik (TOPIC, I mean), I didn't really study. My last review was last Monday, where I highlighted some unknown words. I don't really want to study but my Church friends are cheering me on to do well, so I'm kinda forced (LOL. just kidding) 

So yeah. Short blog but I'll definitely be blogging tomorrow. Need to wake up 6AM to get ready for the EXAM and then will go to church in the afternoon. A long day indeed. A definitely well rest day. 

Biyernes, Abril 11, 2014


여러분, 안녕하세요.
제 이름은 조안나 입니다. 저는 18살이고 필리핀에서 왔어요.
저는 경영학과 대학생입니다. 저는 지금 한국어를 배우고 있습니다. 
사실은, 2009년에 한국어 공부를 시작했는데 학교과제와 나의 게으 때문에 한국어를 배우는 것 잊었어요.근데 요즘은 한국어 공부를 열심히 하고 있어요.

읽어주셔서 감사합니다.

실수를 많이 했죠? 죄송합니다.

Thank you for correcting my entry
Sungee.Hwang.3 and Hongus~ 

I thought I posted this already. Hihi.

Miyerkules, Abril 9, 2014

TOPIK EXAM D-10, Summer getaway

Hi Folks! I'm here again. I just want to write anything today before I study again.


I NEED TO STUDY SERIOUSLY STARTING TODAY. Oh.. after I wake up(still 1 am here).
I still haven't answered last year's exam yet  and probably doing it by the weekends. A TOTAL CRAM.

Anyways, we're going a total ROAD TRIP next week. Yay! Me so totally ready for our summer getaway (WTF. don't know where I learned this girlish phrase ) Too bad we can't go in our clan's reunion in my mom's province (which is on saturday, 19th. My Exam is on 20th.) I really want to go but.. yeah.

Sorry guys if I haven't posted any in my list yet. Probably I'll write one before this week ends. I'll make sure to write The Korean Speech Contest last Saturday. It was a good experience... Although I didn't join. :p It made me more motivated than ever.

Agh. I want to write more but it's already past 1AM here and I need to study for a bit and sleep.

잘가요~ Have a Good Day My dear lovelies <3

Biyernes, Marso 21, 2014

It's been a long time

Hi my lovely readers! WOW. Long time, no write. My last publish was last year, AUGUST! My gosh! Already half a year. OMG. There are things that changed now. REALLY.  I'll tell you in my next posts.

I'm so sorry for being inactive since 2ND YEAR College has been hectic for me (or just because of my shitty connection-.-) My 2ND Semester, which ended yesterday, was really the most busiest semester for me considering that I have my Part Time job which really consumes my half of my day.  I really miss writing here so I didn't waste any time today and just wrote something I want to say. So, for my next posts, I'll give you hints what I'll write(not in Particular Order).

1. My Adventure in going to Korean Cultural Center Office in Taguig alone.
2. Taking a TOPIK Exam!
3. My Goal: To join a Korean Speech Contest next year
4. My Healthy Me
5. My ever growing stash of KPOP CDs
6. Back to Church again
7. My Adventure in Korean Tourism Office in Makati(hopefully I can claim my price which I don't know if I can since it's been almost 1 year T^T)
8. My family tasting Korean Culture
9. Going to KCCPhil office again(Study and to claim my prize)
10. My Plans this Summer Break

Wow. 10 posts and Counting! you know, I really miss writing here. I'll try to write more posts of my adventures as much as I can. As for now, I'll just end it here.

Have a nice night my lovelies! =)

Miyerkules, Hulyo 24, 2013


SOMEDAY-U-KISS English Lyrics
섬데이 - 유키스 영어 가사

credits to the owner

I never thought my views in life would be changed by one song.  A one song that cannot be compared to another KPOP SONG. The lyrics are very genuine about life. I'm definitely loving U-KISS songs. This can't be compared to a number one trophy. Cannot compared to anything material. I cannot express clearly how much I'm thankful to the one who compose this and of course for U-KISS for putting their effort and their emotions in this song.  I want to talk about the Fans but not.. I should not. I might say something that isn't right to another fan. I shouldn't.

Anyways, I'm listening this once for everyday as I can. To remember that there will be a good day for me, for us. To remember that my pain today is my strength tomorrow. NO PAIN, NO GAIN. ILOVEYOUUKISS! Inspired to wake up everyday and face everything that comes my way. We are sharing one Dream[Their Jap. Song]. Positive mind all the way!

I can tell some stories to you If you like. I recieved my Grade in one subject that I really want to excel but failed[I mean failed to do all my best but I recieved good grade. 89 is beyond my expectation. I really want it to make 92 or 95 because the lessons were very easy, if you study.] When I received it, in some way, I'm disappointed since I failed to do all my best but when I remember "SOMEDAY" by U-KISS, My view did change even I was surprised to myself because I kept saying it to my mind that " I should improve to this. This grade can be improve next time because this isn't high." DAMN. This is the first time I said IMPROVEMENT for my entire life. A new word to me. All I say when I fail is "I should do everything to get this perfect next time. I'll be getting revenge[closer to this word]" I mean, all I'm saying is I should be perfect and be higher than others. but NOW, It's not anymore. I'm concentrating to my own business and improve to myself not for others. Yahooooooo! Way to mature thinking, 수진! 
Lol. I caught myself focused on U-KISS Japanese Videos while writing this. HAHAHA. Time to Study Korean and do my Assignments. Long Blog Today? Teehee.